Friday, 29 August 2014

What I've been doing in the past year and a half.

I haven't done a proper blog about what I've been doing in the past year and a half.Anyways,the last time I blogged about my life was about events in early 2013,and I was dealing with a break up,since then I got into a relationship with another girl from the Philippines and was with her for about a year.I actually went to the Philippines and then she came to Thailand to spend new years eve with me but we broke up eventually.Here's photos of me and her together at safari world in Bangkok Thailand.

When I was in the Philippines I spent time in Manila(me and her travelled there together because there's more to do there)and I went to her home town of Iloilo which is further South and more rural with a bit of a tropical,swampy climate.

Philippines has a happy and charming culture.Like a mixture of Asian and spanish and American influences.

I have photos of when I was in the Philippines,here's some of them.

Below was when me and her were lining up for J Co which make gormet style donuts,which we had to wait 1 hour in line for.She is the person on the bottom right corner holding the Samsung phone(yes she colored her hair red)

I finally got to try Jolibee which is a famous Filipino fast food chain that's like a mixture of McDonalds and KFC.The food there is very yummy and cheaper than Mcdonalds and KFC,I love the Jolibee Champ burgers,they are similar to a Whopper from Burger King and have a  very creamy mayonnaise that makes the burger taste even more yummy and the fried chicken tastes better than KFC fried chicken IMO and gravy is very yummy.

Late this year I went back to Thailand,spent most of my time in Bangkok and traveled to Northern Thailand for a few days and missed the peacefulness and quaintness of rural Northern Thailand and I visited Laos for one afternoon,I wanted to stay longer but couldn't for a certain reason.The photos I have of Laos are at a temple.

Here is some photos from the apartment I was staying in.

I love the skytrain in Bangkok,the trains come every few minutes and take you to almost anywhere you want to go in BKK and are clean and very cheap.unlike the shitty train system in Australia.

Earlier I mentioned Northern Thailand,here is some delicious northern Thai food,yai yang which is northern thai style grilled chicken and som tum(which is a papaya salad).

It costs only 150 baht too which is much cheaper than what I'd pay in Australia and tastes better than the versions of it sold in Thai restaurants in Australia too.

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