Saturday, 30 August 2014

Photos of my time in Thailand for 2013 and early 2014.

I thought I had saved my photos of when I was in Chiang Rai and Burma and Bangkok back in 2012 in my email,but I guess I didn't.I have some photos of Thailand to show though.

This is with my friend Gammy and her boyfriend in some mall in Bang Na(Bangkok),I forgot it's name.We were eating Cold Stone Ice cream,it's very yummy,even better than Swensen but I prefer Hog n Daaz more.

Outside the same mall they did parades with clowns and marching bands.That's another thing I love about Thailand,there's always fun stuff happening.

This is my ex girlfriend from 2012,who I lived with for most of 2012(not the Philippines one).

Here are some of my favorite Thai foods.

Ka Pow kai which in English means basil and chicken stir fry.I bought it for 45 Thai baht which is a little bit over 1 Australian/American dollar.

On the left is larb na,which is a soup with vegetables and noodles and pork.You can have it with seafood or have it not so soupy and have the soup be more like a marinade.The Chinese version is called chow mein.And on the right it's ka pow kai again.Larb na cost only 45 baht.

Below is barbecue duck.The Thai name is ped yang which means duck that's barbecued.Ped means duck in Thai,kai is chicken,ka pow means basil.The pickled ginger with the ped yang adds more flavor,tastes kinda like the Korean kimchi.Ped yang in this style cost only 50 baht.

Pad Thai is very popular with farang,below is pad thai goong(goong means prawn) and it cost only 50 baht.

Last but not least, below is kaw mon kai,which means rice with garlic and chicken ,it's also known as Thai chicken rice.It's one of the most common Thai foods and is found in every street area and every mall and theme park in Thailand.This kaw mon kai costed 37 baht but sometimes it's 40 baht or 50 baht depending which store you buy it from.Touristy areas tend to have more expensive food.

I wish I could have showed the photos when I was in chaing rai because there's beautiful scenery in those photos and burma has some interesting photos too(some of the photos I had of when I was in burma and chaing rai are in earlier blogs but I edited myself and the girl I was with out of those photos but now I want to show myself in them but i cannot.

I also had some photos of lovely Thai shopping malls with Japanese style themes but I lost those photos.

Towards the end of 2013 and early 2014 the protests in Thailand esculated and I took some photos of protests outside of the hotel I was staying in.

This was right at the time when the protesters started arriving.

This was when many of them started walking past.

This was when they walked past in bigger numbers.

Some of the protesters were on the back of trucks with speaker phones shouting out why they wanted the Yingluck government overthrown.

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