This week's Blog Herding was dominated by a couple of new bloggers and a few rising stars. With only a few weeks left in 2014, it's great watching how the community continues to grow and prosper. There were some exceptional blogs posted this week that you won't want to miss.
Blog Herding Stats:
Period Reviewed:  December 01 – December 07, 2014
Number of User Blogs: 49
Number of User Bloggers: 27
Number of User Blogs Herded: 10
Community Events:
Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard – Week 13The GIO Fantasy Football League reaches the final week of the regular season and cerpintaxman's highlights reel includes the playoff brackets. Place your bets now on who is going to win the season.
Community Blogs:
Why The New Smash Bros. Could Be The Best    
Doctor Apozem is a huge fan of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, not because of the characters or stages, but because of the way the hit stun feature is implemented in the game.
Some Of My Favorite Games That You've Probably Never Heard OfTidusandYuna1983 raked in quite a few comments with this blog discussing a number of obscure titles he's played from a variety of systems including the Playstation, Dreamcast, PSP and PC.
The Sony PlayStation at 20The original PlayStation celebrates a birthday, and widdowson91 (James) shares some personal memories of the console while reflecting on a handful of games he played on it.
Looking Ahead: Yoshi's Wooly WorldLooking Ahead is a new blog feature curated by Alto1st that has members of the community talking about the games they are anticipating the most. This week's episode features Yoshi's Wooly World.
RedRebekah discovers another fascinating independent title, only this time she manages to score an interview with the creator of this artistic approach on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale.
F2P Friday – WarframeCraigaleg continues his weekly trend of producing videos that capture his experience playing various free-to-play titles. This latest episode focuses on Warframe.
Stupid Stuff Gamers Say~ (A Kinda Sorta Parody)J Warrior administers a dose of humor sprinkled with a bit of truth in this satirical look at the things gamers say. Don't be surprised if you agree with (or are guilty of) a few of these.
Steam Broadcasting: I've Been Waiting For This...The Destroyer comments on the recent news coming out of Valve regarding an update to the Steam client that will add a video-streaming capability called Steam Broadcasting.
Another Dud From Ubisoft / Enough Is EnoughJonathan Harrison is a bit frustrated with some of the new releases that are riddled with glitches. His solution: Buy a Nintendo Wii U, the console with a handful of high-caliber releases this year.
Bungie Announces New Project "Density" (PARODY)SummitJay makes his blogging debut with a parody poking fun at Destiny that's sure to make you smile. The blog also gets bonus points for including a Space Balls reference.
Community Reviews:
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Collection Review: My SanctuaryEnuo admits he does not like the name of the Kingdom Hearts collection, but having awarded the game a score of 9.5 out of 10, clearly he likes nearly everything else about it.
The Unfinished Swan Review (PS4/3/Vita)When The Unfinished Swan released a few years ago it was praised for its artistic looks. But how well does it play? Check out this review from happydude633 for his perspective on the game.
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Happy Blogging!
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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:"RIP Ralph Baer, the father of video game consoles. Your invention gave me a place to be me when I didn't even know who I was." ‏@MikeDrucker