Sunday, 10 February 2013

What can I say? The Christmas curse did strike and I didn't know it.

I discovered my girlfriend has been seeing another guy since November 2012,and that's why during Christmas and new years eve she was distant and made reasons as to why she couldn't be with me on those days.

The thing is,I'm still sleeping with her,and she is in a long distance relationship thing with a much older guy.I broke up with her of course when I found out she was cheating,and he found out about me by hacking her email and saw the emails I've sent to her,even sexual ones,and he used threats and insults against me,I tried to talk to him nicely and told him I didn't know about him until recently and I was with her first,but he was very self-righteous and preachy and tried to lecture me about Australian moral values(even though I was with her first).

She says she feels more comfortable with me and wants me back(like I said in another blog,this type of thing always happens)but I can't go back to her after all I did for her and she did this to me.

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