Monday, 21 January 2013

More Japanese comics,movie and game purchases.

I bought some books,games and movies.

Ponyo comic

I love the Ponyo film,it's artstyle and scenery is beautiful and at times it's breath taking.At first it seemed like a kiddy cartoon until I watched the plot twists.So anyways,I bought the comic of it.

The Road(movie version)

It's regarded as one of the best post apocalyptic stories ever,whether it's the book or movie form.It's story is set after an unnamed disaster/s have caused all/most of the people and vegetation and animals in the world to die.The world is covered in ash and in ruins and the weather is freezing.There isn't much food left in the world so the human survivors have resorted to cannibalism and gangs of cannibals look for people to kill and eat and they even farm humans to eat.A man is trying to protect his young son from the cannibals, as well as trying to teach his son how to survive as well as trying to find food for his son and himself(which is very dangerous because they're cannibals everywhere).It shows backstories such as the wife the man once had(who's the boy's mother).

Dynasty Warriors Next

I'll add a pic later,but it's quite good and one of the best Vita games out.

Ni No Kuni

I'll add a pic of it later,it's artstyle was done by the same studio who did the visuals for Ponyo and it's an old style,charming JRPG and I can't wait to play it.

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