Friday, 21 December 2012

Got a Vita,Gravity Rush and some other stuff

From a technical perspective,the Vita is impressive as far as handheld video game systems go,with it's HD screen with crisp visuals,all it's app features and wifi(internet on it works great,where I've had problems connecting or using internet with my 3DS) and a  touchscreen that's strong enough so you don't need to rely on a stylus,and also because Vita games allow you to earn trophies that count to your PSN.

Gravity Rush is very creative and it's fun flying around the city and using gravity to your advantage when it comes to flying,falling,platforming and it allows you to see the city in different perspectives such as side-on or upside down,because you can walk upside underneath objects or along the side of buildings and the air combat is extremely fun.It's city is very atmospheric with it's darker style atmosphere.

I've bought some manga and books.The book stores in Thailand are much better than in Australia,they have a huge selection of manga and a much better selection of novels and books in general.I've even found Legend of Zelda series story books for Ocarina of Time,Phantom Hour Glass,Oracle of the Season or Ages(can't remember which one).

I also found a novel for Uncharted,which is a prequel to the first Uncharted game for PS3.

Anyways,soon I need to go back to Australia and earn some money for a few months and afterwards I'll have enough money to buy a house in Thailand :)

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