Monday, 26 November 2012

Random facts about me

I'm a big NFL fan even though I'm not American.My favorite team has always been the Miami Dolphins since 1993.Dan Marino is my favorite player of all time.I like NFL because I like turn-based strategy.But I only like NFL and not college football.

Sometimes my favorite food changes from certain Thai dishes,to Vietnamese food,Chinese food,Japanese food or a KFC zinger burger.

I love Japanese video games,anime,manga and I like to collect them.

I like Sci Fi.

Most of my favorite movies are Asian ones but I like some western ones.

I'm interested in astronomy and astrophysics because I'm interested in how the universe was created from a scientific perspective and how it works.

I mostly like Asian music(including modern and traditional)but I like some music from the west.I also like soundscape and ambience style music.I also like 80s music.

Most people I've met are control freaks whom think they need to force their ideologies/opinions on other people.

When I am with friends I get bored spending time with them after about 1 hour and I need to have alone time.

I prefer the company of animals and nature more than the company of most people.

Even though I'm shy and introverted, I've slept with lots of beautiful women(no I didn't pay for it)and I've had lots of beautiful girlfriends.

I love Asian cultures

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