Friday, 23 November 2012

Nervous as the time draws near to my attempt at getting Thai citizenship.And also,the Christmas curse.

16 days until I'm in Thailand.I'm nervous because getting a Thai ID will be the most important thing I've ever achieved in my life.By far it's been the hardest thing I will have achieved if I get it,not because of what I've had to do,but because I've been at the mercy of my mother for so long because only she can register me as her Thai child, but has been very reluctant to do some very doable tasks,even thought I offered her 10 000 Australian dollars if I get Thai citizenship.

My mother actually said she wanted to live in Thailand,but will only do so if her and her boyfriend break up,but she's tried to talk me out of living in Thailand many times,and then said I don't need Thai citizenship and if I want to own a house in Thailand,I can give her the money and she will put the house in her name,and she said if I can only live in Thailand for 6 months of each year due to visa rules,she said that is enough,but I don't understand why she doesn't want me to be happy.

I've had to wait 3 years for my mother to do 2 very simple things for me so I could get a Thai birth certificate(she could have done those things in 1 hour and I offered her 10000 dollars if I'm successful in getting Thai citizenship..Hopefully the amphur I see in Thailand accepts my Thai birth certificate and my mother's documents and my grandmother and aunt identifying me and gives me a Thai ID card.

It seems everytime Christmas,the relationships with every girlfriend I've had has deteriorated or failed.It feels like a curse.Many times right before Christmas, the girlfriends I've had will change or will try to break up with me,even if I try hard to be sweet to them and make them happy.And then later on in the next year,they will come crawling back and will say they want me back.This has happened in 2011,2010,2008,2005,2001 and in 2000.

Christmas is a time when people are supposed to appreciate the people we have more than any other time,but with me it's always been the opposite.Every Christmas I've had has been a sad one or not a great one.It would be nice just for once if I could hold a girl I love on Christmas eve and Christmas day without worrying that she will try to leave me.

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