Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hot,yummy food and worries.

The temperature here feels like it's near 40 c.I feel like I'm baking even though I'm only wearing a shirt and shorts.

I'm going to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant tonight which makes me a bit happier.I love Vietnamese/Chinese food.

I've read some stories about people who are half Thai,whom were born outside of Thailand(like me)who've had a hard time getting a Thai ID card,even though they have a Thai birth certificate,one of their Thai parent's ID card and 2 relatives to ID them .This obviously makes me worried because if I get a Thai ID card ,I can live a life of luxury in Thailand but if not I'll have to slave my ass off working hard for 30 years in Australia to maybe own a house by the time I'm 60(that's if I don't lose my job).

Been playing the Last Story for Wii lately but not in last 2 days because of personal problems making me feel too depressed to play it.But it's one of the best games from the 7th gen and perhaps my favorite game of 2012(I will reveal my game of the year on Gamespot later this year).

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