Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hopefully I'll have Thai citizenship soon.

I finally got a Thai birth certificate after years of waiting to get one.It shows I have Thai nationality but not Thai citizenship if that makes sense.I was at the mercy of my mother in trying to get one because only she could get me one because Thai law says only a Thai parent can get their child a Thai birth certificate.

However,a Thai Identification card is official recognition of Thai citizenship but a Thai birth certificate is the first step to getting a Thai ID card.You use your Thai ID card to buy land in Thailand,to get a Thai passport etc.I will need to go to the amphur my mother is registered on and show them my Thai birth certificate,my mother's Thai IDs and bring some of her relatives to get me registered on a Thabian Baan which you need to be registered on in order to obtain a Thai ID card(official Thai citizenship).The thing is,I want my mother to come with me to the amphur because if she comes with me it will make things much easier,I even offered to pay her airfare,pay for a nice hotel,give her 10 000 Australian dollars if I'm successful in getting Thai citizenship(yes,really)but she doesn't want to do it.I've asked my mother for years to get me a Thai birth certificate,which she could have easily done but refused to do that because at first she said she didn't want me to live in Thailand but now she said she wants to live in Thailand,but said I can give her the money to buy a house in her name,and she will let me live there,but I don't want to do it that way because foreigners can only stay in Thailand for 30 days,and in the past there was a law which said foreigners could stay a total of 180 days in Thailand out of a 365 day cycle(foreigners often did what's called visa runs,in which when their 30 day visa limit is about to expire,they'll leave Thailand and cross a land border into a neighboring country such as Laos or Cambodia,and then cross into Thailand again to get another 30 days).

I want to live in Thailand because I feel more comfortable with Thai culture and Thai people.I love the people,women,food,hot weather and shopping in Thailand and also the fact Thailand is much more affordable in Thailand and once I have a Thai ID card I can buy a house in Thailand.Australian house prices and food prices are ridiculously expensive and unaffordable.I just hope all goes how I want it to when I go to the amphur with my Thai relatives because if I can go onto a  Thabian Baan(house book),then I can get a Thai ID card and will have official Thai citizenship.

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