Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Favorite video games from the 7th gen.Favorite anime series/movies of all-time

I don't want to explain my choices as I'm too tired to type much,so I'll just list them.

Favorite video games from the 7th gen.

1.Yakuza 4

2.Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

3.Lost Odyssey

4.Final Fantasy XIII-2

5.The Last Story

6.Ar Tonelico Qoga


8.Kingdom of Paradise

9.Valkyria Chronicles

10.Fragile Dreams

Honorable mentions:Eternal Sonata,Tales of Vesperia,Final Fantasy XIII,Assassin's Creed 2,Uncharted 2,Xenoblade Chronicles,The World Ends With You,Tales of Graces

Favorite anime series/movies of all time

1.Rurouni Kenshin AKA Samurai X

2.SDF Macross AKA Robotech


4.AI Yori Aoshi

5.Mobile Suit Gundam 0079


7.Cowboy Bebop


9.Love Hina

10.Now and then,here and there

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